At Accountinc we aim to provide outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services to small, mid-size and fast growing businesses.


Our aims are to:
- Provide an all-round solution to your business
- Deliver services that are timely, efficient and cost effective
- Take the hassle out of getting the accounts done so YOU can concentrate on running and growing your business



Flexible solutions for your business needs

At Accountinc we aim to provide you with a complete bookkeeping and accounting services solution while minimising the costs of running YOUR business



Accountinc can handle all your bookkeeping and basic accounting needs day to day: invoices and statements; accounts payable; bank reconciliations; payroll and financial reports.


Employing a bookkeeper or accountant in-house can be expensive - there is salary to pay, Kiwisaver, PAYE returns, sick and holiday pay. Our fees to provide superior service to your company are quite competitive by comparison.

Outsourcing Reduces Your Year-end Work & Fees

Since we maintain your general ledger and record all transactions using accounting software as part of ongoing recording of data and preparation of documents, your year-end work can be significantly reduced. That translates into lower accounting fees and faster turnaround time in preparing tax returns and financial statements.

Accountinc provides YOU with many benefits not currently available to small businesses:

- Fixed monthly fee

- No recruitment or personnel issues

- Reduced overhead expenses

- Books reconciled and closed each and every month

- Monthly consultation with a Chartered Accountant