Excel training

We have over 10 years experience in financial and management accounting & reporting. We have used Excel extensively to prepare a multitude of reports and we can show you how to simplify the daily tasks and become a master in Excel.

We provide excel training to suit all levels of ability and all business requirements. From 1 on 1 training to small & medium size groups, we can custom tailor an approach that is right for you.

Whether it's for a few hours or a couple of days; beginners or advanced; whether you need a quick refresher or in-depth training - we can help! We can come to you or organise off-site training, depending on your requirements.

Included are training manuals to suit your requirements.

Our prices start at as little as $300 per person so please give us a call and enquire about the options!

Custom Excel templates and reports

Financial modelling is the new buzz word out there and it refers to helping businesses make decisions and streamline their everyday tasks using spreadsheets and visual basic applications.

We design, develop and maintain custom Excel spreadsheets to accommodate a wide range of tasks. We can increase the productivity of you and your team by eliminating repetitious Excel tasks using various methods like custom data entry forms and Visual Basics.

Have you got a spreadsheet that just doesn't seem to work? Do you or someone in your team do the same report daily/weekly and you wonder if there is an easy way? Do you wish employees would stop making mistakes when entering data in Excel? Give us a call and watch us work our magic!

You can spend thousands on a custom developed software - SAVE YOUR MONEY and talk to us instead!


Company Growth Services

Do you require assistance with any of the following:

- buying or selling a business

- need to raise debt to finance a new venture

- look at raising capital by other means than debt

- succession planning or thinking about retirement

- help choosing new business software

- human resources advice

  Let us help you make the right choices - contact our advisory team and we'll provide you with confidential advice to enable you to make the right choices.