At AccountInc we try our best to please our customers and provide high quality of customer service along with a high standard of accounting work.

We believe in building long term relations and most of our customers have engaged us for a long period.

Below we have included some of the kind feedback we have received from our clients - thank you! We appreciate your business and are glad you like our services!

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"Pauline is amazing! She does not faint at the sight of a shoe box full of receipts all scrunched together! Thank you!" Builder - Auckland, HH

"We have contracted Pauline from AccountInc for the last few months and have found her to be very professional, efficient and she is great at dealing with issues promptly.Our reporting & accounting processes have been streamlined and improved since we contracted Pauline and we are now receiving timely, accurate and reliable management accounts every month.
We would like to thank you for the excellent service and are happy to say you have exceeded our expectations.  It is a pleasure having you on the team.

Semele Robertson, Director - The Orange Group."